The Education Area reflects the sentiments and commitment of the Heathfield Show Council when it was first set up in 1947, which was to encourage and advance the knowledge of the countryside to others. The area, sponsored by Tottingworth Farms, host to the Heathfield Show, is designed to educate and inform children and adults alike, about the provenance of meat and the important part farming plays in delivering food to our tables.

Not only will the area have a display of farm animals – examples of different breeds of cattle and their calves, a ewe and lamb, and sow and piglets – but it will have a hands on corner for children so they can enjoy making a toy sheep, a colouring corner, and the opportunity to fill out a brief Q&A sheet about the area in return for a lollipop. Tottingworth Farms will also have their farm shop set up in this area so visitors will be able to taste and purchase the products of the Farm.

Follow the story of the animals’ life from field to fork. The Farm Shop also gives visitors the opportunity of purchasing products that have absolutely zero food miles – how often do you get that chance?

Sussex Young Farmers

Sussex Young Farmers Clubs Federation comprises 9 regional Clubs along with 3 School/College Clubs. The YFC is one of the largest rural youth organisations in the UK dedicated to young people who have a love for agriculture and rural life.