Competition news

All entries to the Cattle, Sheep, Pig and Horse entries to the Heathfield Show are now closed. We have good entries in all Sections so please come along on Show day and watch the competitions first hand.

Competitors: Please keep yourself up to date with changes to judges etc by visiting your Section pages regularly. Any news will be posted on line. Thank you.


The Cattle section has classes for both Beef and Dairy Cattle.

The Show has now received its Licence to Hold an Animal Gathering for the 2017 Show day and we are all set to hold our Cattle Competition in line with their Rules and Regulations.  In order to qualify no cattle will be allowed to stay on the Show ground for longer than 24 hours.  Therefore, cattle will not be accepted onto the Showground until after 4pm on Friday 26th, the Red Gate entrance to the Show ground will be open for cattle exhibitors until 10pm and open again at 5am.  If Cattle exhibitors want to gain admission outside these times then they can report to the Security office at the Blue gate and they will facilitate their entry.  Exhibitors must have all their exhibitors’ paperwork with them to gain admission to the Showground.

The Cattle parade will be at 14.30 to allow Cattle exhibitors off the Showground by 4pm.

Judging in the cattle section starts at 9am. Access for the public to the cattle areas will be after judging at approx. 1.30pm to 2pm until the cattle move to the Grandparade in the main arena at 2.30pm.

2017 Schedule Update

Judge Updates
New Judge: Beef Championships and Open Beef classes: Mr Andrew Haste
New Judge: Highland classes: Mr S Edwards


There will be classes for:


The Heathfield Show has built up a brilliant reputation over the past few decades as a first class venue for many Show qualifiers attracting top class exhibitors. There are 90 horse classes over the day with almost 600 entries each year. Classes start early in the morning with 6 dedicated Equine Rings showing horses and ponies both in hand and ridden, from miniatures to heavy horse, from carriage driving to side saddle. Visitors can watch a full program of competitions throughout the day.

2017 Schedule Update

Classes – Judge Updates

150 to 152 Ridden Cobs: The ride judge has changed to Ms M Hopkins, Gloucestershire

153 to 156 & 161 Ridden Hunters: The judges have changed to Ride – Mr A Webber, Herts & Conformation – Mrs J Butt, Northants

164 to 167 Thoroughbred & Retired Race Horses: The ride judge has changed to Mr A Webber, Herts

168 & 169 Riding Horse: Conformation judge will be The Hon D Gooch, Sussex and Ride judge will be Miss S Gwilliam, Wilts.

The  BSHA Chair of Judges,  Mrs Sue Rawding, has given permission for Ride Only Judge , Sarah Gwilliam , to act as ride judge in classes 168 & 169 Riding Horses. Sarah is also probationing for the Full Panel of Judges . The confirmation Judge will be Senior Panel Judge, The Hon. Dawn Gooch.

170, 171, 189 & 190 Arabs: The judge will be Mrs C Sussex, Hamps

172 Novice Cobs: The judge has changed to Ms M Hopkins, Gloucestershire.

173 Irish Draught: Judge will be Ms L Starling, Bucks

193 to 198 British Miniatures:  The judge has changed to Mrs V Huddlestone,  Hants

208 & 210 Foreign Breeds: The judge has changed to Mrs V Huddlestone,  Hants

212 & 213 Welsh C&D: The judge will be Mrs J Harriss, Herts

218 Exmoor: The judge will be Ms L Clarke

219 Fell: The judge will be Mr M Goddard

220 Highlands:  The confirmed judge is Mrs K Hawes, Cambs

221 Dales: The confirmed judge is Mrs J Hobday, Surrey

242 Native Part Bred In Hand: The confirmed judge is Mrs K Hawes, Cambs



The Pig Section includes classes for Commercial and Showing stock which attracts exhibitors from all across the country as they compete for the Best of Class and Champion Pig of the Show. We also include an open class for non pedigree gilts of any age.

The Schedule of classes for the 2017 Show (27th May) is available. Entries close on 1st April. Hard copies are available upon request and they will also be available in selected outlets.


Henry Noakes Young Achiever Award 2017:

This trophy rotates annually around the Horse, Pig, Cattle and Sheep sections and is awarded to individuals who have overcome substantial barriers and made a long-lasting positive impact on their own lives and maybe even others. This year it is to be awarded to young achivers involved within the Pig industry.

Nominations are invited from schools, groups or individuals who feel they would like to propose someone for the Henry Noakes Trophy – it is free to enter. The inspiring nominee should have Shown innovation or creativity in their volunteering or demonstrated leadership in creating and developing projects. Nominations should be sent direct to the Pig Secretary via email or post. More than one individual can be nominated if desired. Please include with your nomination a brief summary of your reasons for proposing them.



The Heathfield Show continues to be an important place for exhibitors to bring their Sheep. It once again has a large number of entries in all classes and we look forward to an exciting time in the Show rings. In the afternoon there will be a Parade of Sheep around the sheep showing pens where there will be a representative cross section of all the sheep exhibited at the Show today, with suitable commentary.

There will be classes for:

  • Texel
  • Southdown
  • Suffolk
  • Any Other Pure Bred Sheep – British Shortwool
  • Any Other Pure Bred Sheep – British Longwool
  • Any Other Pure Bred Sheep – Foreign
  • Rare Breeds and a Commercial section
  • A range of Young Handlers classes for handlers aged 6 – 16 years
  • Wool Competition – four classes
  • Best turned out Stockperson

For further details please contact the Sheep Secretary