Hug A Hen

What an opportunity. Visit the Poultry marquee at the Heathfield Show and cuddle a chicken! Under the supervision of our stewards, children have the opportunity to get up close to the poultry marquee birds. Designed to educate as well as to be fun, the poultry marquee will be an area of interest for everyone.

Large fenced off runs will predominate in this marquee dressed with trees, plants, furniture for groups of poultry to wander around in.  There will be a display of fancy pigeons and there will be a children’s colouring corner with outlines of chickens, ducks etc to be decorated.

There are hundreds of different varieties of hens and this marquee will try to inform the visitors about some of the better known breeds. Like any animal or bird, each hen is an individual and some can be real characters. If handled young, they can be good pets for children.

There will also be the opportunity to purchase birds at the Show. But remember, any birds purchased must stay in the marquee until 4pm.