Showday Timetable

Times stated are approximate and competitors should be ready to enter the ring prior to these times.

Main Ring

TimeClass NumberEvent
07:30150-152 & ChCobs-Maxi, Light & Heavyweight
153Amateur Hunter
154-156 & ChRidden Hunters, Light, Middle & Heavy Weight
10.30DisplayShetland Pony Grand National
157-158 & ChPrivate Driving Concours D'Elegance
12.15DisplayPaul Hannam Quad Bikes
13.00Vintage Tractors Display
13.30Side Saddle Custome Concours D'Elegeance (Presentation)
13.50Hunts Display
14.30Shetland Pony Grand National
15.30Heavy Horse Parade
15.40Presentation of Awards: Cattle
16.10Presentation of Awards: Trade Stands
Presentation of Awards: Henry Noakes
16.15Paul Hannam Quad Bikes
17:15"Sunset" - Cornet player
17:15Close of show

Ring Two

TimeClass NumberEvent
07:30Course walk for classes
07.45159Local Working Hunter
160-161Local Working Hunter Pony
162Unaffiliated Riding Club Horse
163Unaffiliated Racehorse Challenge
11.30Inter Hunt Relay
12:30Ring Closed
13.00164Mounted Fancy Dress competition
13.30165-166 + ChOpen Ridden Coloured (CHAPS)
167-168 + CHRiding Horse - Large and Small
15.00Inter Hunt Relay
16.00Ring Closed

Ring Three

TimeClass NumberEvent
08.00169-173Sports Horse In-Hand
09.00174Side Saddle Equitation
175Side Saddle Concours D'Elegance
10.30176Novice Cobs
177Small Hunter
178Irish Draughts
12.30179Side Saddle Costume Concours D'Elegance Pre-Judging
13.30180-181 + ChHeavy Horse Ridden - Pure & Part Bred
182Any Other breed of Heavy Horse In-Hand
183-188 + ChShire In-Hand

Ring Four

TimeClass NumberEvent
08.00189-190+ChArabs In-Hand
191-192+ChShow Ponies In-Hand
193Arabs Ridden
194-199+ChBritish Miniature
10.15200Unaffiliated Riding Horse
201CHAPS Youngstock
202-203+ChIn-Hand Coloured
13.00204=206+ChSenior In-Hand
14.30207Foreign Breeds In-Hand
15.00208Unaffiliated Coloured Horse & Pony Ridden
209Foreign Breeds Ridden
210Unaffiliated Coloured Horse & Pony In-Hand

Ring Five

TimeClass NumberEvent
08.00211-214M&M In-Hand (Fell, Highland, Dales & New Forest)
215-222+ChM&M In-Hand (Welsh A, B, C & D)
223M&M Part Bred In-Hand
10.30224Young Handler
12.00Rings 5 & 6 amalgamate
M&M In-Hand Silver Medal Ch
225-226+ChRidden M&M
227-228+ChRidden M&M
M&M Ridden Silver Medal Ch
14.00229RoR Amateur Ridden Show Series
230RoR Open In-Hand Show Series
15.30231-233+ChSenior Ridden

Ring Six

TimeClass NumberEvent
08.00234-241+ChM&M In-Hand (Shetland)
242-244+ChM&M In-Hand (Exmoor, Connemara & Dartmoor)
12.00Ring closes and amalgamate with Ring 5


8.30Cattle judging starts in all cattle rings
15.40Cattle Parade in Main Ring Presentation of Championship trophies


10.00Sheep judging starts in all sheep rings
12.00Judging of Sheep Champions
14.30Judging wool on hoof
15.30Judging Sheep Young Handlers
16.00Sheep & Pig presentation of Cups & Awards


9.00Weighing of Commercial Pigs
9.30Judging of Breeding Pig classes followed by Championships
11.30Pig Young Handler classes
14.00Commercial Pig classes followed by Championships
16.00Sheep & Pig presentation of Cups and Awards

Country Ways

10.00Gun Dog Display United Retriever Club (Southern Area)
10.30Terrier Racing – organised by Sussex Young Farmers Club
11.15Sheep Dogs & Ducks Display – Chris Jupp of Appledore
11.45Working Horse Display – 1066 Working Cobs of Ninfield
12.15Vintage Tractor Parade
13.00 Birds of Prey Flying Display - Sussex Falconry of Mayfield
14.00Terrier Racing – organised by Sussex Young Farmers Club
14.45Sheep Racing – Chris Jupp of Appledore
15.15Gun Dog Display - United Retriever Club (Southern Area)
16.15Working Horse Display – 1066 Working Cobs of Ninfield

Flower Show

TimeClass NumberEvent