Vintage Tractors

2020 Vintage Tractor Entry Form
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Come and visit the vintage tractor and steam area to see an array of makes and models dating as far back as the 1940s. From Fordsons and Field Marshalls to Massey Fergusons and John Deeres, there’s something for everyone to see. Step further back in time and smell the distinctive aroma of steam coal from the traction engines, with the rare opportunity to see these huge machines in full steam.

The Vickery Challenge Cup will be awarded to a tractor that has been chosen by a visiting family to the Show.  The tractor will be something that they really like and that they feel special to them.  As such, it may not be the shiniest exhibit but it will be the one that they like the most, they will be invited to the main ring to help award the trophy along with the sponsor.  The chosen tractor owner will receive the prized Perpetual Vickery Challenge Cup with a cut glass tankard to keep for eternity.

Exhibitors are very happy to share with you their restoration stories and the history of their pride and joy.